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Future Blossom

Building a safer online dating experience one tap at a time.

At a Glance

From branding to build, we developed a bespoke mobile-first dating site built around member profile validation to provide an alternative dating option for London's gay community.

The Challenge

While online dating has many plus points, perhaps its biggest challenge is engendering trust. People want to be assured that the person they are communicating with is genuine.

The goal therefore for our clients was to create a dating site that could establish itself alongside the heavy hitters of the industry, while keeping member safety at its core.

We had to ensure that the site encouraged members to validate their identity before contacting others and that doing so was as straightforward as possible.

Our Approach

After conducting research into potential markets in which to launch the site first, the London gay community stood out as a segment looking for a more secure, trusted dating experience.

Beginning at the branding stage, our brief was to portray a more refined image for Future Blossom than its competitors, one that would reflect the concept of creating lasting relationships.

Adopting a gold palette with plenty of white-space gives the site a feeling of class and maturity, while a logo incorporating hearts arranged in a flower pattern subtly references the blossoming of relationships.

From a development perspective, responding to the popularity and prevalence of mobile dating apps, we adopted a mobile-first approach to the design, making use of the familiar swipe gesture to allow members to browse between profiles.

Our development of a bespoke user onboarding process reduces the barrier to sign up and captures member information in a less intrusive and tedious way to other websites.

An intuitive profile search engine and an in-app payment system where members can buy credits via PayPal allows members to find and chat with other users in just a few swipes and taps.

Building on our initial research, we took Future Blossom to market via a series of targeted Google Adwords and email marketing campaigns.

The end result is an elegant and easy-to-use new breed of online dating site, which our clients and we hope will help people build genuine lasting relationships.


Future blossom is a web application which helps liked minded strangers find each other. Future Blossom contains a match making system where you swipe through your peers and can approve or decline or other users.


Payment System (PayPal)
Live Chat Integration
User Blocking / Reporting
Responsive Design
Mobile First


JS (jQuery / Ajax)

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